Happy Bill Nye Day

I don’t know when exactly it was decided that we can now, as a culture, abbreviate New Year’s Eve as NYE, but to me it’s always going to mean the “BILL BILL BILL BILL” loop from the Bill Nye theme song will be stuck in my head from late December through the first week of January.

Either way it makes it seem like there is an entire holiday based around the guy who taught the scientific method and the fact that inertia is a property of matter to elementary school students after school in an entertaining manner, and that’s OK with me I guess. At least that’s what future archaeologists will think.

As the giant Bill Nye Ball drops at midnight, the recently deceased Randy Savage of course looks on from the heavens and smiles while the theme from Space Jam plays in the background. I mean duh.

If this picture makes absolutely zero sense to you (and why should it; if it does make sense to you I’m a bit worried about your state of mind) it’s actually based off of another image I made in an earlier post, which itself is based off of this YTMND from like 2007 (you may have also noticed a pattern in which I’m really into things that were obscure on the Internet five years ago).

The offending image. (It made no sense then, it makes even less sense now.)

So yes. New Year’s. We’re a few days into 2012 and now seems to be a good time for us to reflect on what we’d like to accomplish in The Last Year Ever Apparently(?). Don’t call them resolutions, because no one ever keeps a resolution. That is, unless you make so many that you’re bound to stumble into at least one of them. And that’s precisely what I intend to do.

1. Learn to network. And get something worthwhile out of it. I’m gonna be all about asking people how they got their cool jobs, joining clubs, attempting to make something out of that webseries I’m producing, and all that.

2. Go to Canada. I’ve touched on this before, but I would like to make a trip up north. By train. (Hopefully) regardless of cost. Last time I checked the clock, it’s half past Adventure Time.

3. Actually post on this blog. I neglected it last year, doing about one post a month in the last half, and then went blog crazy in the last month. Also I’m specifically going to focus on weird posts. The ones that make the least sense tend to be my personal favorites.

4. On the subject of All New York’s A Venue, I’d like to actually make something out of it. Make business cards, get a website, and get something proper out of it.

5. Become more well-read. (More well? Better read? That doesn’t sound right either.) Oh, durr. How about “read more.”

6. Also become better versed in movies, music and technology. I already have a turntable now, and I’m getting an iPad probably, and once I get that I’m renewing my Netflix subscription, so I’m well on my way for this one.

7. Bring back Community.

8. Go to Governor’s Island. Why haven’t I done this yet.

9. Become successful enough to give a TED talk. (This is more of a lifetime resolution but hey, the sooner the better.)

10. If not that, somehow become internet famous. This may bite me in the ass.

11. Cook a delicious burger and/or steak. This is important to know how to do.

12. Really tell off someone who deserves it. I mean like, really go off on someone who has it coming. Maybe if I go to Occupy Wall Street the opportunity will present itself.

Oh what the hell. Might as well take this insanity up as far as it will go.

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