What time is it? SELF PROMOTION TIME!

Obligatory Adventure Time reference? Check.

So, while I haven’t been working on and promoting my totally awesome web series called All New York’s a Venue that you should totally watch, like on Facebook and follow on Twitter, it turns out I will also be premiering a short film, called ‘fetti, at the RAW Artists showcase in Brooklyn!

Photo by Leia Jospe. Photo edits by an overexcited me after downloading a trial of Photoshop.

How about that, I’m actually doing something creative with my life! This all came about as a result of a chance meeting at a party in Williamsburg! Apparently, networking works. Anyway, a bunch of friends and I shot this adorable little film on my Super 8 camera, and I’d love to share it with any interested New Yorkers. The details are all in the poster above, but here they are again for you eager copy-pasters:

RAW Brooklyn presents Solstice

June 14, 2012, 8 pm (the film screening’s near the beginning, so get there early!)

Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn, NY

Tickets are $10. That’s like nothing. Lunch in New York costs more than that.

How to get tickets: Go to the event page, click the big green “BUY TICKETS” banner, then under “Pick the artist you’re supporting,” pick me! This is important; I’m responsible for selling 20 tickets for the event.

Pick me! Pick me!

There’s going to be lots of awesome stuff going on, like music and fashion, so you should check it out even if I wasn’t showing a film. Even though I am, so that should give you even more incentive.

Anyway, for even more incentive on top of that incentive, check out these wonderful production stills by Leia Jospe, who also had a role in the film. She also took the photo above which I made into a movie poster. Hope that’s cool.

Kristina of Twee Valley High and Jen


Mallory of Small Girls PR

Will of The Overnighter. (His scene got cut.)

There’s a Facebook event too. You know you want to click that “Invite Friends” button. And here’s my page on RAW Artists, so you know it’s legit. What time is it? Link dump time.

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