26 Things To Do Before I’m 26

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before. But my half-birthday was a week ago, and I didn’t make a 25 Things Before 25 post before, so let’s add one and make it 26. We’re on the same page? Good. Now, at the beginning of the year, I made a post on Bill Nye Day where I outlined some resolutions. Let’s take a look at the progress, shall we?

  1. Learn to network. Check.
  2. Go to Canada. Working on it.
  3. Actually post on this blog. I think I’m doing OK at that.
  4. Make something out of All New York’s A Venue. Um, yes!
  5. Read more. Yep. It’s not highbrow literature, so I dunno how much it counts though.
  6. Become better versed in movies, music and technology. I did get Adobe Creative Cloud and ordered that new Macbook Pro.
  7. Bring back Community. You’re welcome.
  8. Go to Governor’s Island. Still haven’t.
  9. Become successful enough to give a TED talk. Nope.
  10. If not that, somehow become internet famous. 
  11. Cook a delicious burger and/or steak. STILL WANT TO DO THIS.
  12. Really tell off someone who deserves it. I’ve only fantasized about it.

That’s not too bad, actually! So for my 26 Things To Do Before I’m 26 List, I’ll take a few things I’m still working on from that first one and add a bunch more to it. Sounds easy enough right? Here we go:

  1. No, for really reals, go to Canada. Make a trip. Go by train to Montreal, see Niagara Falls, hit up Toronto, then spontaneously head west across the Great Lakes, Mount Rushmore, and end up in Portland. Fly back. The North!
  2. Go to Governor’s Island. It’s summer. It’s a ferry ride away. It’s shaped like an ice cream cone. Your argument is invalid. 
  3. Make a delicious burger and/or steak that Ron Swanson would be proud of. 
  4. Really tell off someone who deserves it. I’m the type of person who gets angry at myself but not other people, even when they’re the ones seriously being a shithead.
  5. Ride the subway all night, then take the A train out to the Rockaways to see the sun rise. Ignore common sense.
  6. Become a pro at the Adobe Master Collection. You have it now. Your new Macbook Pro is on the way. YOU HAVE THE POWER. 
  7. Make that portfolio website you’ve been meaning to make for so long. Go on, do it.
  8. That parental-provided healthcare isn’t going to last forever. Use it up.
  9. Take the JMZ line whenever possible. Take in the grungy view. No one else has to understand your affinity for that creaky old elevated line but yourself.
  10. Eat more lobster. Treat yo self. 
  11. Get a massage every time a Groupon for one appears in your inbox. Treat yo self.
  12. Go to more events with open bars. Treat yo self.
  13. Buy a blazer. A real, nice one. Treat yo self. 
  14. End up at some Brooklyn warehouse party at 4 a.m. Wait until the crusties start heading home before you head out yourself. Then go to the end of a pier (there will definitely be a pier there, shut up), sit on the end and contemplate life ‘n’ stuff while looking at Manhattan all lit up. Wonder why the Empire State Building is that particular set of colors. End the night by watching the sun rise on your own rooftop with your best friend and a bunch of strangers you just met. 
  15. End up at a 24-hour diner at 5 a.m. with a bunch of strangers you met via a friend or a party. Order coffee because you’re at a diner, coffee’s good, and fuck sleepiness.
  16. Drink as much coffee as you damn well please. Who cares if it’s 10 p.m. and you have work tomorrow?
  17. The David Lynch Challenge: Drink 20 cups of coffee. In one day.
  18. Every time someone bitches at you about coffee intake, school them on all the health benefits of drinking too much coffee. Haters gonna hate.
  19. August 15: Celebrate your two-year anniversary in New York like you mean it. You’ve earned it; New York’s been a cold yet rewarding bitch.
  20. Is 25 old enough to rent a car? Rent a car. Take a road trip.
  21. Get a hangover. Cure it-slash-reward-self with Shake Shack. Works every time.
  22. Film something new every month. All New York’s a Venue episodes don’t count; those are a given.
  23. Follow your dreams. Seriously. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to get a job in film and/or really get into freelancing. By the end of this year, you should be doing SOMETHING film-related for real income. Keep networking, be proactive, you can do it!
  24. Find Lena Dunham and tell her why you’d make an awesome Production Assistant on her show! That’s how you get jobs in the industry, right? Only way to find out is to ask.
  25. Stop hating yourself. #realtalk #dark
  26. Quit #hashtagging #everything. This isn’t Twitter, and Carles is still one of the most obnoxious people on the planet. If you ever meet him, invoke #4.

But seriously though, fuck that guy.

5 thoughts on “26 Things To Do Before I’m 26

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