Oh crap, I’m writing about Millennials again

So I saw something today on the Internet that was really disturbing. I mean, I’m always finding disturbing things on the internet because it’s The Internet. All you really need to do to lose faith in humanity is do a Google Image Search on a wholesome cartoon character of your choosing and have to navigate 20 dark and moist pages of DeviantArt illustrations of said character in various stages of undress making out with other characters. But this one was a special kind of disturbing, coming from the part of the internet that’s powered by cynicism and seems to be trying to undo all the good I mentioned in my last post:

I shouldn’t have to explain what made me so anxious about this, right? I mean, I know it was meant as some sort of joke; it came from the same site that does those old-timey sketches paired with sassy insults that people keep posting on Facebook. But it all plays into the same attitude of other articles written towards Millennials that say, “Hey, welcome to the Real World, bitch. All those dreams you had? Well they’re not coming true. Adulthood means accepting your mediocrity. You’re not special. Deal with it.” And then they turn around and say, “Hey what’s up with those college grads these days? Why are they so afraid of growing up?” Well gee, I wonder?

Return of the naive 20-somethings, all the way back from my Craigslist post!

It was surprisingly fun to draw my generation getting beat down by The Man.

And the problem is, this attitude goes against everything said by anyone I actually like, ranging from cool people I know in real life to all those awesome famous people I rattled off in the last Millennial post. They’re all tied together by the fact that they’re the opposite of cynical, but instead passionate, kind and optimistic. And it’s that pull between those two types that creates all this friction. I’d honestly rather be delusional and optimistic than realistic and settled. So if I have to pick a side in this, I’ll go with the optimists and hope that they’re right, and that the cynics are just trying to drag everyone else down to their level. It’s kind of all we can do, really.

Let’s end on a positive note.

That Ira Glass quote I had posted in that previous entry has been one I’ve been trying to live by ever since I heard it, paired with this one here by Conan O’Brien:

Conan O’Brien Kinetic Typography from Jacob Gilbreath on Vimeo.

So those two quotes are fantastic, and ever since I heard them, I’ve sort of kept them in the back of my mind as words to live by. So whenever I meet someone who goes against those sentiments, I kind of think, “what’s their deal anyway?”

And now you know how my mind works. Now I gotta go prove those older and wiser naysayers wrong.

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